Ancestry Site

Project Managers:

Gino Famiglietti, Archive General Director

Stefano Vitali, Central Institute for Archives Director


(Newsroom and contents)

Roberta Corbellini, former Director of the State Archive of Udine
Daniela Ferrari, former Director of the State Archive of Milano
Luisa Gagliardoni, Central Institute for Archives
Edoardo Garis, State Archive of Torino
Franca Maestrini, State Archive of Mantua
Ferdinando Salemme, State Archive of Naples

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Technical support provided by CASPUR, former CINECA

Silvia Simonetti – CINECA
Francesco Scafuto – CINECA

The following persons helped developing the first phase of this site:

(General Directorate for Archives )

Luciano Scala, former General Director for Archives

Diana Toccafondi, Archival Superintendent for Tuscany (

Ugo Contino, Digital Library Roma – Services Department Manager
Vincenzo Sabatini, Digital Library Roma – Services Department
Stefano De Luca, Library Automation Services Department
Gino Farinelli, Library Automation Services Department
Riccardo Fazio, Library Automation Services Department
(Gestione Archivi srl)
Alessandra Caponnetto, Cultural Heritage Division Manager

Vincenza Carchiolo, Information Systems Ordinary Professor – Università degli Studi di Catania
Francesco Virlinzi, Sole Administrator