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Ancestors research requests to the Antenati editor

The Editor of the Antenati Portal is not able to carry out research on individual names on behalf of users, because not within its duties and would require an effort overcaming the available human resources . Leafing through the section of the Portal , however, " Regions and sources " , users can find useful information for their research compared to existing sources at all the Italian State Archives , which can turn by going directly into study rooms, or forwarding requests for correspondence.
Therefore please understand, we encourage you not to send specific research requests of individual names because they do not have followed .

The Portal "Antenati" was created with the purpose of putting online the huge wealth of civil status records (birth; marriage; death) kept by the Italian State Archives . Periodically new records are made available in digital format and users can browse them through the network as if they were in front of the hard copy of the specific registry. Parallel to this project of digitization and online dissemination, the General Directorate of Archives of MiBac (Direzione Generale degli Archivi), initiated a project of indexing names in registers, thanks to an agreement signed with FamilySearch International, which provides for the collaboration of numerous volunteer indexers ( click on "participates in the project" if you want to be recruited from among volunteers) . Through the portal is possible to acquire detailed information limited to the names already indexed , which represent a small portion compared to those found in the records currently online.
We trust you to continue to count on your valuable reports related to errors, inconsistencies or shortcomings browsing through the content of the portal. A cordial greeting .
The Editor of the Antenati Portal