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Civil registry

LThe Alessandria State Archive holds the Civil Registry files (1804 – 1814) issued by the towns of the Marengo Department, an old Napoleonic division. issued by the towns of the Marengo Department, an old Napoleonic division: Alessandria (and locality Cantalupo, Casalbagliano, Cascinagrossa, Castelceriolo, Castelferro, Lobbi, Mandrogne, Orti/Jardins, Portanuova, Retorto, San Giuliano Nuovo, San Giuliano Vecchio, Piana di San Michele, Spinetta Marengo, Valle delle Grazie/Valmadonna, Valle San Bartolomeo, Villa del Foro); Alluvioni Cambiò (today Alluvioni Piovera); Annone (today Castello d’Annone); Basaluzzo; Bassignana; Borgoratto; Bosco Marengo; Capriata d’Orba; Casal Cermelli; Cassine; Castelferro; Castellazzo Bormida; Castelspina; Cerro Tanaro; Felizzano; Frascaro; Fresonara; Frugarolo; Guazzora; Isola S. Antonio; Masio e Redabue; Montecastello; Oviglio; Pasturana; Pavone; Pecetto; Piovera e Rivellino (today Alluvioni Piovera); Predosa; Quargnento; Quattuordio; Sezzè (today Sezzadio); Solero; Valenza.

The file has an attached inventory, which is available for consultation at the study room.

This institution holds the Historical Archive of Alessandria, containing the series:

  • Napoleonic Civil Registry (1803 – 1814)
  • Parish books (1838 – 1865)
  • Borns Lists (1790 – 1865)
  • People censuses (1726 – 1828)
  • People Registry (1864 – )

Army census

The so-called Alessandria Province Recruitment Office (1792 – 1945) file includes Recruitment Lists, extraction lists, alphabetical lists (some of them joint together in a big volume, other are divided in fascicles or small files for every town, regrouped in envelopes and subdivided by years) and the rulings of the Alessandria Province Recruitment Council. The Recruitment Lists available in the Archive include data from recruits until the class of 1945.

Recruitment number and military draw number

The Alessandria Province Draft Cards and military records is composed of military records, Draft Cards and lists from the former circumscriptions and military districts of Alessandria, Acqui Terme, Asti, Casale Monferrato e Tortona. All of them cover the classes of 1840-1945. These files are divided in several groups, sometimes subdivided by district (please note that the Acqui and Asti districts reach only the 1870 class), and sometimes by type of file or by military class (the date of birth). Most of the files, despite the absence of a serial number, have some information on the back about the military class, the district and sometimes the draft card number.

Archival heritage