State Archives of Cremona


Indexing status


Civil registry

The Institute holds the following fonds:
Civil Registry and decennial indexes (1866-1905) e (1906-1925) District of Cremona, Civil Registry and decennial indexes (1866-1905) and (1906-1925) District of Casalmaggiore, Civil Registry and decennial indexes (1866-1905) and (1906-1925) District of Soresina afferent Cremona Court;
Civil status registers and decennial indexes (1866-1905) and (1906-1925) pertaining to the Crema Court;
The Cremona Archive in its series “Napoleonic Civil Registry” – from 1797, in which the Civil Registry was created, to 1866 – includes the birth (1797-1810), marriage (1806-1812), and death certificates (1797-1865); the series is completed by the “Daily population movement” of 1866.

Army census

The Recruitment Lists of the classes (1840,1842-1854, 1858-1882, 1888-1939,1945) are available at the archive, and are relative to the young males called to recruitment exam at age 20 and Extraction lists for classes (1840-1844, 1848-1882, 1888-1890).

Recruitment number and military draw number

This institution holds the draft cards(classes of 1844 to 1945), the lists(classes of 1867-1943) and the personal fascicles(classes of 1890-1943), which were issued by the former Cremona Military District.

Online Sources

This institution is connected to the portal “Genealogical research for Lombards across the world”, which is financed by the Lombardy Region and which facilitates the research of a forefather through structured databases of names taken from different sources.