State Archives of Padova


Indexing status


Civile registry

Civil status of the department of Brenta (birth, marriage, death certificates) from 1806 to 1815 for the municipalities belonging to the districts of Padova, Mirano, Noale, Camposampiero, Este, Piazzola, Teolo, Battaglia, Montagnana, Monselice, Conselve, Piove.

Other sources of civil status and registry are preserved in the ancient fonds of the Municipality of Padova referring to the city’s population: family registers (1806-1816, 1869-1901); parish registers (1800-1880) established during the Restoration with the transfer of civil status functions from the municipalities to the parish priests.

The search for sources of births, marriages and deaths for the other localities in the province for the period 1818-1870 should be carried out in the dioceses and parishes in the area.

Army census

The sources are kept in the following fonds: Ufficio di leva di Padova, for the lists of males born in the communes of the mandamento between 1846 and 1949; Ufficio di leva di Rovigo, for the lists of those born in the mandamento between 1855 and 1944;

Recruitment number and military draw number

Military district of Padova, for the matriculation rolls of conscripts enlisted in the army born in the district between 1872 and 1945 with the series of personal files for the classes 1872-1900; Military district of Rovigo, for the matriculation rolls and personal files for the classes 1851-1909. The series of personal files contain original documents only partially transcribed in the rolls, with detailed information on discipline, illnesses, detention for imprisonment, etc. For the pre-unification period, there is the Military conscription fund for enlisted men and lists from 1806 to 1856.

Online Sources

The institute has made available on its website a database on the conscription registers of Padova and Rovigo from 1846 to 1902.

Archival heritage