State Archives of Pesaro Urbino, Fano section


Indexing status


Civil registry

The Fano section holds the Historical Archive, in which the Napoleonic Civil Registry and the alphabetical indexes are gathered (1808-1814). At the same section we can find the Lists of births and baptized childrendivided by parishes fore the years between 1844-1865, registers that will be used as well to create the Recruitment Lists. For what concerns the Napoleonic Era, we can find 3 registers at this archive, in which the names of the Fano inhabitants are listed alphabetically (the letters M, N, O and Q are missing); the Archive comprises the Napoleonic Civil Registry as well: birth, death and marriage certificates and marriage announcements. Nevertheless, the Section has not yet received from the Fano City Council the Italian Civil Registry. The towns mentioned at the Civil Registry and the recruitment files are all the parishes of Fano, many today part of the City of Fano, except for Piagge, which is an independent municipality today. Nevertheless, the Piagge parish covered partially the Fano territory, so the documents of the inhabitants of these areas had been sent to Fano.

Army census

En the sede de Fano en the Archivo Histórico municipal di Fano están presentes registros de recruitment en the siguientes series: Recruitment Lists (classes of 1839-1861), registros de inscripción (classes of 1841-1869), draft cards (classes of 1843-1870), and family status (classes of 1870-1888).

Recruitment number and military draw number

At the Fano Historical Archive we can find the Draft cardsof the 27th Regiment, classes of 1843-1870.

Other sources in the archive

The The Fano Historical Archiveholds the 1811 Population census of the Fano parishes as well as a register from the 1813 General Census, organized by parishes as well, in which we can only found the names of the male citizens of each household. There is also the fund of the Brefotrofio San Michele di Fano (15th century-1945) with the registers of those exposed (1809-1923).